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Dog Harnesses by Mabel & Mu

Our Harnesses are slightly padded for a comfortable fit and to help with any pressure on the chest if your doggie likes to pull a little. 

Washable and also great in the summer if you wanted to wet them for cooling purposes! 

Sizing is listed below.

Sizing Pictures here

As with all harnesses it's difficult to find one size that fits all so please make sure you check the measurements on each harness size offered.

The harness does slide over the dogs head so please make sure the neck measurement listed is large enough to do so.

XS - Head Hole 27cm  /  Length 13cm  / Girth 26cm - 41cm / (Yorkie, Small Chihuahua)

S - Head Hole 33cm  /  Length 15cm  / Girth 42cm - 56cm / (Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Schnauzer)

S/M - ( Head Hole 38cm  /  Length 19cm  / Girth 52cm - 71cm / (Small Cockerpoo)

M - Head Hole 41cm  /  Length 22cm  / Girth 59cm - 90cm / (Cocker Spanie)

Please note our breed recommendations are meant for a guide only.

Please be sure your dog suits this style of harness before you buy.

Dog Harnesses by Mabel & Mu