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Just Stunning!

Radiant Red

"Sensational Lilacs"

Summer is coming!

Brand New Prints added

Colour Alert!!!!!

Bank Holiday Deal 20% Off New Ranges

We have launched a few new ranges over that last week. Lets celebrate and give you 20% off all of them.

Ranges are:- Zippy, Banana Milkshake, Blossom Walks, Starstruck, Cheeky Chap, Cobble Stone & Lilacs.

Can you dress our dogs for our wedding?



A beautiful young couple came to see us and asked the question! Can you help us include our dogs in our wedding! They wanted the dogs to match the theme of the day, how amazing! I asked them to bring me in some fabric and that I would happily make something to match. 

Weeks later they came back with some fabric! 5 mens ties! Wow challenge was on This way they knew the dogs would match the groom and groomsmen but how was I going to turn 5 silk ties into 1 dog collar and 5 bow-ties.


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We are donating 20% of all sales in our "Pink Ribbons" Range

We are donating 20% of all sales in our "Pink Ribbons" Range

We are super happy to be donating to charity again! we have a massive response from you all through covid when we donated to the NHS and now we are supporting another cause. 20% of all sales in our pink ribbons range will be donated by us to "Macmillan Cancer Support" So please help us help those in need.

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Brand New Bridal Ranges

Brand New Bridal Ranges

We are so excited to be launching a brand new range of Dog Collars and Accessories for you special day. We have been asked so many times whether its something we can do... Well now we have.  Two colours added today but more coming. We can even make these in your own fabrics if you wanted to match your theme. 

Your dogs are so special so of course including them on your big day has become so important to many of us. Lets make them feel special too in our fantastic ranges.

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