About Us


Welcome to Mabel and Mu, its so great to meet you and we hope, like us, you will find our brand fun and different. As dog lovers ourselves we pride ourselves in the use of the best of everything. We source all of our fabrics and clips etc from quality suppliers but make every thing we sell here ourselves in the UK. We are not about mass producing or massive quantites, instead we wanted to produce top quality, highly secure and durable products that are also very pleasing on the eye. 

We are based in Epsom, Surrey and our designer and owner Deborah has been a seamstress and designer all her life. Producing amazing garments throughout her career for theatres and shows alike. She seems to have an eye for colour and style and hopes to now pass that on to her real passion in life.... hers and your doggies! She made the decision about a year ago to change direction and wow we are glad that she did as Mabel and Mu was born. 

We have been displaying and selling at shows and fairs etc, but our website presence is brand new so its great to finally be here.

There are three of us in the team thus far and hope to grow that in the future, but for now you have the dedication and support of all of us here, so any questions please do ask.

We are Deborah, Michael and Andrew. (lets not forget, Mabel and Bertie! Our Wire Fox Terriers - of course it was all their idea!!!)

Please come and support us on Facebook and like us. Its so very important to us that we share what we do and we would also love pictures of your little family members in our products so we can have a photo gallery for them to shine.

Please enjoy your shopping experience with us and lets "Dare to be Different" together.

Its a dog owners responsibility to check wear and tear and the security of any product purchased.