Cat and Kitten Collars

We have been asked by so many of you to carry our range in Cat collars too! So now we have. We are going to offer most of our designs in Cat and Kitten ranges, they will come with break away clasps for safety and are soft and easy to wear, which does not stop them moving their head for cleaning as many of you say the leather thick ones do that!

They come with bells which you can remove if you wish. We offer the two sizes so please do check with our size chart below.

Kitten Size = 6.5 inches - 9 inches 
Cat Size = 8.5 inches - 12 inches 

We have also been asked to add little bows and bow ties for cat collars. They are coming soon. 
We do not recommend that they wear the bows whilst out and about. The are meant for fun indoors.

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