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Designer Dog & Cat Collar Range "Love is..... Red"

Designer Dog Collar "Love is ...... Red" 

We are pleased to launch Love is Red New for 2018.

Love is ........ Seeing your Dog happy, Walking with them by your side on your favourite walk, Those eyes when you have a treat in your hand, having them sleep next to your on the sofa, watching them run for their favourite toy! Love is just seeing your dog every morning when you wake!

We so love our dogs and this range is part of that love.... what says you love him or her more than a collar that shows your heart all over it! That is "Love is...... Red"

This is part of our first Mix & Match Range. We offer this range in two colours that are the exact opposite of each other ... this way you can switch it up with alternate bows or bandanas or be really daring and have both sets! The deep red is matched lovely with the Beige. We are even offering Mixed up bows! Have fun choosing as these ranges suit both boys and girls.

It's really a stunning range and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Soft to wear but durable with strong webbing inside. A perfect combination. Remember all our collars and accessories are washable. 

Designer Dog & Cat Collar Range "Love is..... Red"