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Can you dress our dogs for our wedding?

A beautiful young couple came to see us and asked the question! Can you help us include our dogs in our wedding! They wanted the dogs to match the theme of the day, how amazing! I asked them to bring me in some fabric and that I would happily make something to match. 

Weeks later they came back with some fabric! 5 mens ties! Wow challenge was on This way they knew the dogs would match the groom and groomsmen but how was I going to turn 5 silk ties into 1 dog collar and 5 bow-ties.

It took a little jiggery pokery but wow! I am super super happy with my creations, and to see their faces light up knowing the dogs would look so dapper on their big day was worth every stitch!

Its a service we offer so have a look at what we created from these ties! I hope all the dogs and them have the most amazing day xx

Deborah @ Mabel & Mu