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From Choosing Cotton to Creation!

From Choosing Cotton to Creation!

We are loving life at "Mabel & Mu" so many exciting new ranges being made and lots of new things coming in store this year too!

Deciding on a range is fun! there are so many wonderful fabrics out there but choosing which will create the best range for your pooches can be a challenge!

Will the pattern show well on all size collars for example, can we have our clips dyed to the right shade to match or contrast and of course then there is will you love it which is most important to us here!

So from taking delivery of the fabric and choosing the cotton I can't tell you how exiting it is to us all here making the first few collars to see if we have got it right! 

Once we have this stunning new range sitting in front of us its then perhaps the hardest part....... naming the range lol! 

Raspberry Sundae by Mabel & Mu

You can tell we love the Lake District as most of our "Walks ranges" take on names from the area but we also love cakes! can you tell.

Meet "Raspberry Sundae" From inception to creation she has been a real delight!