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Dog Show was terrific.

Thank you so much to all those who came and said hi to us and supported us on our very first dog show. We had just the best day ever. We met so many lovely dogs ... and humans too lol. The weather stayed fab and the sun even came out.  We certainly stood out with our bright purple tent and doggy mannequins. The day was filled with lots to do for everyone and they even had a marching band! Thank you to the organisers at "Take the Lead" Services and we really hope to see you again next year.

Big grin on my face!!! So happy to have been there.


Oh and meet our mascot "The G" he goes every where ... you might even
see him hanging about in the top few pictures. He is here showing the "Men - Humans lol" the new range of bow ties that are to be launched this autumn.

Be sure to read our "Upcoming Shows" page to see where we are next.