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What about Bertie !!!

Bertie our boy well what can I say... he's so mischievous, ok lets be honest and say naughty.  He is such a character as he's 100 miles an hour and has been since he came to live with us. Because of this he kind of got a nick name ..... We (yes we are a bit nuts) gave him a racing drivers name.. which was "Bertonius Squillini" it kind of stuck to a point that we call both dogs now the "Squillini Twins". Oh how funny. 

Now in my travels I was being asked too many times... why were my doggie bow ties only available for dogs? Good question I thought. Lots of owners thought it would be fun to dress with their dogs for say dog shows or just the fact that the fabrics we use are so vibrant and funky that Gentlemen should be allowed to wear them as well. We asked Bertie's permission and without a to do he decided to let us start producing these and gave his very own name to our soon to be new brand of bow ties for men "Who Dare to be Different" !!

Please keep your eyes peeled for Bowties by Bertie Squillini !!!! Coming Soon