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Shamrock "Face Mask"

Pack Size = 1 Mask

Shamrock Print Mask.

We have been asked to make masks so why not have Funky print ones! 

Our Mask is :-


It has a slot for you to add your own filter if you so wish (not provided)

Tie your own side elastic for the perfect fit. (to go around the ear)

Complete with nose pinch soft wire for better fit around the nose.

Mask Width = Approx 8 Inches, Its a concertina style that opens up over face.

These are for humans lol! our doggy doorstop offered to model for us.


Tie the elastic fairly loosely at first - so hold both pieces on one side of the mask and tie together like you would a ballon before you try it on then repeat on the the other side. Try it on. If its too loose then tie a little tighter. When you get the right size you can spin the elastic around so your knot disappears into the fabric channel.

These are not Medical Grade