Designer Dog & Cat Collars for Pets That Dare To Be Different

Dog & Cat Collar Bow / Bow Tie "Winter Walks"


Winter Range "Winter Robin"  Bow Tie range. 

This is a superb luxury tartan

Stunning Bow Ties made to slide onto a Dog Collar. Either the matching one from us or your own. For a boy wear at the front or for a girl wear on the side or top for a more feminine look.

We now offer an even smaller bow "Tiny" perfect for our 10mm Size 0 Toy Dog Collars and Cat Collars Too.

Tiny / Cat = 70mm x 50mm high approx
Small = 90mm wide x 60mm high approx

Medium = 110mm wide x 70mm high approx
Large = 130mm wide by 80mm high approx

Remember the elastic varies to suit narrow to wider collars.

Matching Collar, Leads and Bandanas available.

All our products are washable. Please wash with like for like colours !!


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