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Designer Dog Collar "Lavender Walks" Range by Mabel & Mu


Designer Dog Collar "Lavender Walks" 

We are pleased to launch this new range for Autumn 2021 its a very unusual tartan and we are so please to have found it! A soft lavender matched with black and white. It is truly special and one for both boys and girls. We wanted to imagine those walks where you brush up against the lavender plants and disturb that wonderful smell.. now the has to make you smile

Its easy to work out the size... just measure your current collar and if you are             in-between the 2 measurements then it will fit.

All Aproximate as they are hand made.

Size 0 = 12mm wide - Collar Length 30cm adjusting down to 22.5cm (Toy Dog)
Size 00 = 15mm Wide- Collar Length 28.5cm adjusting down to 19cm
Size 1 = 15mm Wide - Collar Length 39.5cm adjusting down to 29.5cm
Size 2 = 20mm wide - Collar Length 39.5cm adjusting down to 29.5cm
Size 3 = 20mm wide - Collar Length 49.5cm adjusting down to 38cm
Size 4 = 25mm wide  - Collar Length 45.5cm adjusting down to 34.5cm
Size 5 = 25mm wide - Collar Length 59.5cm adjusting down to 43cm
Size 6 = 25mm wide - Collar Length 71cm adjusting down to 51cm

Size 1 & 2 for example are the same adjustable sizes but the width is different the reason for this is size of dog. If you had a small dog the thinner width will probably look and feel better.