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Designer Dog Collar "Bee Happy" Range by Mabel & Mu


Designer Dog Collar "Bee Happy" 

We are pleased to launch our Bee Happy design... It's perfect for spring and it really just makes you smile! A stunning green background with tiny strawberries and bees. It's just so pretty. 

Print placement will vary a lot on this fabric.

Remember all our collars and accessories are washable. 

We do all our collar ranges in 3 widths and to fit 8 different range of neck size. So we have 8 sizes in total.

Its easy to work out the size... just measure your current collar and if you are in-between the 2 measurements then it will fit.

All Aproximate as they are hand made.

Size 0 = 12mm wide - Collar Length 30cm adjusting down to 22.5cm (Toy Dog)
Size 00 = 15mm Wide- Collar Length 28.5cm adjusting down to 19cm
Size 1 = 15mm Wide - Collar Length 39.5cm adjusting down to 29.5cm
Size 2 = 20mm wide - Collar Length 39.5cm adjusting down to 29.5cm
Size 3 = 20mm wide - Collar Length 49.5cm adjusting down to 38cm
Size 4 = 25mm wide  - Collar Length 45.5cm adjusting down to 34.5cm
Size 5 = 25mm wide - Collar Length 59.5cm adjusting down to 43cm
Size 6 = 25mm wide - Collar Length 71cm adjusting down to 51cm

Size 1 & 2 for example are the same adjustable sizes but the width is different the reason for this is size of dog. If you had a small dog the thinner width will probably look and feel better. 

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