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Dog Collar Range "Hawkshead Walks"

Hawkshead Walks

Another stunning tartan range by Mabel & Mu. This delightful grey is matched with red and black! its wonder for the Autumn and we are pleased to offer all of our dog range in this design. We are offering all cat accessories only in this range.

Dog Collar Range "Hawkshead Walks"


Hawkshead Walks Dog collar by Mabel & Mu
Dog Lead "Hawkshead Walks" by Mabel & Mu
2 in stock
Dog Harness "Hawkshead Walks" by Mabel & Mu
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Dog & Cat Bow Tie "Hawkshead Walks" by Mabel & Mu
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Designer Dog Bandana "Hawkshead Walks" by Mabel & Mu
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Metal Designer dog collar "Hawkshead walks" by Mabel & Mu
4 in stock
Dog Collar "Mixed Walks" by Mabel & Mu