Designer Dog & Cat Collar Range "Cobra" by Mabel & Mu

Cobra !! Stunning New Range by Mabel & Mu

With its stunning Yellow and Black Circle design on grey this really is a wow design. We could not resist this and we hope you feel the same. Its vibrant and eye catching and really one to get noticed in.

We offer our whole range of products (Dog Collars, Cat & Kitten Collars, Bandanas, Bow Ties and Leads)  in this design and remember if you did want something you can't see (like our flower) just ask. We tend to show the flowers more in the female ranges but we are happy to make them in this design. 

This range will vary quite a lot as it depends on how its cut we have tried to show how different it can be but all the placement variations look amazing. 

This really does suit all dog and cat colours and we can't wait to see some pictures of this being worn!

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